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Jun 16
May 24

Creative and wordy: Empire State of Mind Pt. III →


Trying something different. Shorter. You can read Part I here. And Part II here.

He kicks the hotel door open, her legs wrapped around his waist, her hands on his face. She kisses him as they stumbled into the dark room.

“Bed?” she asks.

“Too far,” he says, pressing her back against the…

May 23

Creative and wordy: Empire State of Mind Pt. II →


Trying something different. Shorter pieces. Serialized. You can read Pt I here.

They float along the airport, his one hand firmly attached to hers, his other pulling along her travel bag. They talk, nervously. Talking had never been a problem, but the words don’t come as easily now.


May 12

Getting wet in the tub


“You going to join me?” you ask, bubbles barely covering your pink skin.

“Maybe,” I say. “You want me to?”


I smile. “OK.”

I pull off my shirt and unfasten my belt and pants. I slip my thumbs under the band of my boxer briefs and tease you by tugging them slowly. You smile and bite your lip.

I pull them down, my cock already hard and throbbing.

“Stand up,” I say.

You oblige, the water slipping down off your curves, leaving you shiny. I take you in. Your hard nipples. Your firm breasts. Your gorgeous stomach. Your curves. Your smile. Your dark hair, wet, hanging down, covering you. 

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May 08

Love hard


A little bittersweet. But still some sweet:

I smile at her, and she lights up. Her eyes flash at me, sparkling. She nuzzles her head into my chest, and I wrap my arms around her, pulling her close.

Our feet dance, playfully, under the covers. Our skin rubbing lightly. She sighs, squeezing me. Her hair is light and smells like flowers. The TV is on, but it’s just noise. We are lost in the moment. 

We’re camped out in this bed. A refuge from reality. In this bed we fight, we fuck, we cry, we laugh. In this bed, we love. It’s an old-fashioned concept, but it fits us. The future is golden.


Her touch was cold. Lifeless. Just like her feelings toward me.

We had been together since before we really knew what “together” meant. When you are young, you pair up and play house and talk about “forever,” but deep down you know it’s not real. Forever is a year or a month or a day. You have no concept of how your life can march along at an even pace for years and years, while the love you built on such a flimsy foundation barely keeps up.

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Apr 30

The king


My head pounds. My eyes water. I take another shot and stare in the mirror, unsure of who is looking back.

The bartender pours me another. And another. I am lost in the warm embrace of the booze, a river of liquid fire sliding down my throat and into my empty belly. I drink fast, waiting for that first faint kiss of intoxication. I wait. Wait. Wait. There it is.

Suddenly, this dark bar on a dark street in a dark city is alive and buzzing with possibility. I hold on to the stool with one hand and finish my drink with the other. Another. Another. The bartender smiles and pours, smiles and pours. He is counting his tip in his head.

I am alone in this vast world, nothing left for me but my thoughts and a million misses. I am lost in a sea of despair and disdain. I have been punched and kicked and clawed at and ate up and spit out by this continent of torment, and I just want to forget it all in one debauchery-laced night at the bottom of a bottle.

Give me another. One more. One more.

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Apr 27







Disney Princesses Re-Imagined as Sailors by Drache Rannak


forget mulan(no offense), but sailors merida and rapunzel. weapons FTW

Disney Princesses as Sailor Soldiers??? Yes, please!

Sailor Mulan and Sailor Ariel are my favorite!

OH MY GAWD!!! im in love! <3 Pocahontas and ariel FTW!!!

Apr 22

Okay so today started out cool. Then I got a phone call from a friend saying that she was preggers. So I asked who the dad was, she told me that it was one of my other friends baby daddy. So me and a friend of mine told the other girl. And she took it like we thought. Then we both get phone calls from the girls at different time telling us that this guy proposed to both at the same time basically. I’m just wondering is it a joke cause if it is its not that funny. #worriedaboutfriends.